Agendas, live streaming, meeting schedules, and other board materials are available here. A listen only phone line is listed on each agenda.

The board letters recommend an action to be taken by the Board. The Board may take an action different than the recommendation in the board letter. The Board meeting minutes will reflect the actual action taken by the Board on an item. Click here for the database that contains archives from the year 1928 to June 30, 2021.  Archives from July 1, 2021 to present are available here on Legistar.

Members of the public may provide comment to the Board on matters within their jurisdiction:

  1. Teleconference instructions are located on the Committee and Board agendas
  2. In person located at 700 N. Alameda Street Los Angeles, California 90012
  3. Written comments/questions are to be sent to

For assistance on navigating this site please click here help sheet.

Please contact Interim Board Executive Secretary Rickita Hudson at (213) 217-6291 for any questions.

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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Ad Hoc Committee on Colorado River Special Committee 6 
Ad Hoc Committee on Facilities Naming Special Committee 5 
Ad Hoc Committee on Implementation of State Audit Special Committee 5 
Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations Special Committee 5 
Board of Directors Primary Legislative Body 38 
Board of Directors Retreat Primary Legislative Body 38 
Board of Directors test Special Committee 37 
Board of Directors Workshop Primary Legislative Body 38 
Engineering, Operations, and Technology Committee Standing Committee 16 
Equity, Inclusion, and Affordability Committee Standing Committee 11 
Ethics, Organization, and Personnel Committee Standing Committee 11 
Ethics, Organization, and Personnel Committee Workshop Special Committee 11 
Executive Committee Executive Committee 17 
Finance, Audit, Insurance, and Real Property Committee Standing Committee 14 
Legal and Claims Committee Standing Committee 12 
Legal and Claims Committee Workshop Special Committee 12 
Legislation, Regulatory Affairs, and Communications Committee Standing Committee 14 
One Water and Stewardship Committee Standing Committee 17 
Special Board Meeting Primary Legislative Body 38 
Special Engineering, Operations, and Technology Committee Special Committee 16 
Special Executive Committee Executive Committee 17 
Special Joint Meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors Standing Committee 18 
Subcommittee on Audits Special Committee 5 
Subcommittee on Bay-Delta Special Committee 10 
Subcommittee on Demand Management and Conservation Programs and Priorities Special Committee 9 
Subcommittee on Long-Term Regional Planning Processes and Business Modeling Special Committee 8 
Subcommittee on Public Affairs Engagement Special Committee 7 
Subcommittee on Pure Water Southern California and Regional Conveyance Special Committee 12 
SYSTEM TEST 145 Standing Committee 38 
SYSTEM TEST 456 Standing Committee 38