If you are experiencing issues with the public web stream, please dial into the meeting audio at (877) 853-5257 and enter Meeting ID: 831 5177 2466

The board letters recommend an action to be taken by the Board. The Board may take an action different than the recommendation in the board letter.  The Board meeting minutes will reflect the actual action taken by the
Board on an item. 
Click here for the database that contains archives from the year 1928 to June 30, 2021.  Archives from July 1, 2021 to present are available here on Legistar.

Members of the public may provide comment to the Board on matters within their jurisdiction:

  1. In person in the boardroom located at 700 N. Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  2. Teleconference, dial (833) 548-0276 enter Meeting ID: 815 2066 4276
  3.  Written comments/questions are to be sent to dl-boardsupportteam@mwdh2o.com

Please contact Board Administrator Rosa Castro at (213)217-6291 for any questions.

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September 2022

Sep, 2022

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Adan Ortega Board Member3/5/2021 10/8/2025      
Anthony Fellow Board Member2/2/2021 10/8/2025      
Ardy Kassakhian Board Member5/21/2020 12/31/2099      
Barry D. Pressman Board Member10/10/2017 10/8/2025      
Brenda Dennstedt Board Member6/4/2021 10/8/2025      
C. Martin (Marty) Miller Board Member11/16/2021 12/31/2099      
Cynthia Kurtz Vice Chair4/8/2013 10/8/2025      
David D. De Jesus Vice Chair3/8/2002 10/8/2025      
Dennis Erdman Board Member3/1/2021 10/8/2025      
Fred Jung Board Member2/8/2021 10/8/2025      
Glen Peterson Board Member2/9/1993 10/8/2025      
Gloria Cordero Board Member9/13/2016 10/8/2025      
Gloria D. Gray Chairwoman4/13/2009 10/8/2025      
Harold Williams Board Member3/12/2018 10/8/2025      
Heather Repenning Board Member12/18/2019 10/8/2025      
John T. Morris Board Member3/13/1990 10/8/2025      
Judy Abdo Board Secretary6/11/1996 10/8/2025      
Larry D. Dick Board Member8/12/2003 10/8/2025      
Linda Ackerman Board Member4/8/2008 10/8/2025      
Lois Fong-Sakai Board Member11/22/2021 12/31/2099      
Marsha Ramos Board Member1/13/2015 10/8/2025      
Matt Petersen Board Member10/8/2020 10/8/2025      
Michael Camacho Board Member1/8/2020 10/8/2025      
Miguel Angel Luna Board Member3/9/2021 12/31/2099      
Nancy Sutley Board Member11/9/2021 12/31/2099      
Phillip Hawkins Board Member10/15/2019 10/8/2025      
Randy A. Record Board Member1/14/2003 10/8/2025      
Richard Atwater Board Member4/3/2014 10/8/2025      
Robert O. Apodaca Board Member3/11/2019 10/8/2025      
Russell Lefevre Board Member9/24/2013 10/8/2025      
S.Gail Goldberg Board Member3/11/2019 10/8/2025      
Satoru Tamaribuchi Board Member8/12/2020 10/8/2025      
Stephen J. Faessel Board Member6/8/2015 10/8/2025      
Steve Blois Board Member3/10/2014 10/8/2025      
Tana McCoy Board Member8/19/2019 10/8/2025      
Thai Viet Phan Board Member1/25/2021 10/8/2025      
Tim Smith Board Member7/24/2018 10/8/2025      
Tracy M. Quinn Board Member9/24/2019 10/8/2025